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Happy new year

Bye 2010 hello 2011 are you enjoying the new year say so in the comments!:)

New years eve

Hi ACCFwii here i’m here today to tell you it’s new years eve! It’s the birth of a new year and an end to the old year i’m exited are you post in the comments to have your say and dont forget to check in the holiday page and search foe new year’s eve! :)

Video curtesy of JVGjeff

Naughty Or Nice Day

Tomorrow’s the day Tortimer asks if you’ve been naughty or nice he will giveĀ  you a stocking if you say nice or not.

Have you been naught or nice this year say so in the comments!

Harvest Festival Countdown

One more day to the harvest festival(thanksgiving)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harvest Festival

In two days it’s the harvest festival also known as thanksgiving

The mayor will give you a fork and knife every time you talk to him but,you can only have one at a time. You find franklin by searching all over the town or give a pair to a villager for a hint.

You give him the fork and knife for a piece of the harvest series then you must leave the acre franklin will be relocated somewhere randomly repeat what i said and you will get the full series and a few extras oh, and by the way Franklin disappears as there can be a slight shudder to the screen as the game reloads (and puts him in a different place).

While in one hiding place, Franklin will only accept one “knife and fork” set, so if you wish to give him another the player must move away from the hiding place until Franklin disappears, and search for him again.

Hi this is a new site for accf and aclgttc

This is my 1st site ever so please dont critiscise me



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